Business consultancy in Wells

The Closing Pin Company

North Lodge Offices, South Horrington, Wells, Somerset. BA53DZ

Business Consultancy in Wells

The Closing Pin Company is a discreet Somerset consultancy that serves three related  functions. The consultancy assists SMEs wanting to develop clear, thoughtful, strategy and tactics for their future. It helps independent businesses looking for confidential counselling or ways  to solve worrying issues. It advises and supports professionals thinking about career development or change.

There is only one consultant. Nigel Gifford OBE FRGS gives complete individual attention to clients. All meetings are held in the old fashioned face to face way. Why? It ensures complete consideration, concentration and undivided attention is given to matters discussed.
Nigel’s personal experience and influences come from a wide variety of sources gained from an eclectic career. This includes agile aerospace,  ten years as an army officer,  being a small business owner, SME company director in various appointments, author, photojournalist, and catering advisor. He has also led lead a parallel career in the elite adventure and expedition world. His experience includes several innovative successful startups – a few failures and a couple of disasters. Vital experiences from which others can learn.

As with those who have consulted him during the last three years, including military veterans looking to start a new career, his aim is to try to ensure YOU are as fully aware of what you are doing, attempting to do, or likely to fail at doing with YOUR decisions.

If you would like to know more, or are curious as to why the company is named after a very old, well used and reliable closing pin.

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